Monday, January 23, 2012

{Pictures & Stuff}

I was going through my phone and the pictures it holds and pulled off a couple. 
I was slipping away from being a decent blogger again and thought that I needed to at least try to do one once a week. 
So - although my past week was just filled with work and home stuff, I would fill you in on a few highlights. Well, highlights from the past couple of weeks. 
I just had to throw in the picture I took as I was walking to my car from work one day. I LOVED the colors that were in the sunset! Breathtaking! I know that we are blessed with some really spectacular ones here, but there are some days when I really appreciate them - the way they should be.
Glorious Idaho Sunset.  Seeing this as I leave work is such a nice way to end the workday.
Mom and Dad do Addison favors sometimes by hiring him to do some projects for them.  He likes to do "manly" jobs where he can wear his tool belt.
Anyway, this job entailed him taking out the recessed fluorescent lights in their kitchen ceiling, rewiring in this new fixture, and then putting in drywall to patch up where the old lights were.  It took him all day and he worked hard at it.  He even cleaned up his mess when he was done!  Mom and Dad got home right about when he needed help holding the new light up so he could mount it, so Opa was glad (?) to help.  
And I was glad not to have to go over there and do that part.  
Addison and Opa hanging the new light fixture in the kitchen.
Viola!!  New lights!  It looks really good.  He still has to go back and smooth the drywall seams and refinish the ceiling stuff, but it had to settle or something.  Plus my friend Marnie hired him to help re-do one of her bathrooms.  So he has been trying to get some of that work done as well.
I'm so thankful that he has the reputation of being a good, smart, and a hard worker.
I'm thankful for the talents he inherited from his dad, Opa, & Great-Grandpas.
My Mom says that her Dad would be (is) super proud of him.
A tired worker.  Satisfied with his work though.
As for this next picture, it represents a good and a bad thing.
This past Christmas had some bad parts to it.  We lost our Maya on the 23rd, and then Christmas night, we came home and found that our fridge wasn't as cold as it normally is, and so I made some adjustments, made sure there wasn't any lint or dog hair clogging anything, etc. - and went to bed.
The next day however, we realized that it was about dead.
We ended up throwing out quite a bit of stuff, and what we could salvage, we put in boxes and coolers in the garage.  Of course, we were also having an unseasonable warm spell so I had to check temps out there quite a bit.
Anyway,  I didn't know how I was going to part with the money I needed to get a new fridge, but, I said a prayer, - several -, and a couple of days later, we received a nice bonus from my work.  One that I was not expecting in any way since they had given us some nice gifts already.
Can we say "Tithing Blessings"?!?
We were soooo grateful.
We made several calls around town and in Twin Falls and found some good deals, but the first store we went to in Burley had one that was perfect.  
Perfect size for us two.
We don't have a water hook-up where it has to fit in the kitchen so I didn't need an ice maker or water dispenser, so this one didn't have that and that made for more freezer space.
This one was the color I wanted and less than what the bonus money I had to spend on it.  In fact, it was marked down!
Let me tell you, it was great to go to the first place, see it, know that that is The One, give them some moola, they loaded it in our pickup and strapped it down, and we were done!
New fridge!  It's sooooo niiiiice.
I even had these cute sticky things I'd found awhile ago at Tarjay.  One is a calendar, and the other is a dry erase board.  S'cute!!
Anyway, I am thankful for Tithing Blessings and for wonderful people who listen to promptings of the Spirit.  

New refrigerator!  Already "magnetized"!
This last picture just makes me smile.  This little Bella of ours just loves our little infrared heater.  (It is wonderful, energy-saving, and heats most of our house!)
She loves to sit in front of it and stick her face in it.  Then she will stick her paws up on the little ledge in front - one at a time - like she's warming them up.  
Too cute.
Bella fascinated by the infrared heater.  Warming her paws.
So, there is a little rundown of some goings-on in our life.
I am thankful for those friends and relatives who are still blogging along.
You make me smile.  I know I have been bad at commenting on so many because I usually read them here and there on my phone, but it's a pain to comment so I usually think I'll do it later when I'm on my computer.  But I don't always.  
Just know that I love to hear about your lives and am so thankful for all of you dear people who are part of my life. 


Mom/Oma said...

Well, I love your posts anyway! Thanks, hope we can get them into a book soon! loveya

wende said...

i love checking in with you!
i know about tithing blessings too, good for you for documenting one! :) i need to do more of that on my own blog. hopefully, i can be a better blogger this year too.

love ya!

oh, and LOVE that sunset photo! we have some gorgeous ones here in this area too and i am never bored of them ever. so lovely.